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started work in 2015

Our purpose at Linxus Solar: Effectively utilising the power of the sun by executing superior solar panel service. Customer satisfaction is important throughout everything we do, and we are dedicated to fulfilling aspirations through our careful cleaning procedure.

Our vision: With the vision of a safer and more sustainable future, we try to assure customer satisfaction, providing harnessing sunlight a simple and rewarding experience for all.

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Before & after photos

We reveal the evidence in the form of fascinating before and after photographs, providing clarity to every pristine watt of electricity.

Free panel inspection

Simply contact us, and our team of experts will arrange a full inspection to ensure your panels are performing at their best.

High safety standards

When cleaning solar panels, we use the greatest safety requirements to provide a flawless shine without harming your peace of mind.

Ultra clean deionized water

We only use deionized ultra-clean water. As we wash away contaminants, your panels will be shining and ready to harness the full power of the sun.

Industry leading solar brushes

A deep clean without harming your solar panels. We prioritise both security and optimum performance for your energy investment in a effective way.

No harmful chemicals / soaps

We avoiding potentially dangerous soaps to produce a flawless radiance that is both environmentally friendly and highly efficient.

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Green savings, clean panels: Get 36% more energies today

Dust, filth, and ambient debris build up on solar panels over time, creating an obstacle between sunlight and the Energies you harvest. Regular cleaning is essential for harnessing your panels' full potential. Thus washing away, the dirt and grime layers, you allow sunshine to pass through more effectively, recovering up to 36% of lost energy. Consider it an uplifting wash for your solar panels - a simple, yet effective technique to revitalise their performance and ensure you're collecting every ray for optimum power output.

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You can hire Linxus Solar with confidence because we have invested in offering you the best possible service.